Data Integration & Visibility

Seamless integration ensures accurate data at your fingertips.

We provide flexible and customer-specific data and systems integration with your internal business systems and nominated service providers. Expeditors is perfectly positioned and ready to integrate and share data with all approved parties involved in your supply chain.

At Expeditors, our integration patterns include APIs, traditional EDI, and virtually every other method available, due to the power and flexibility of our integration systems. ?Data can be exchanged using a variety of communication protocols. We exchange millions of messages a month with our customers, service providers and government agencies.?

Expert Integration

Our combination of industry expertise, capabilities,?and systems flexibility allows us to meet the wide variety and high-volume demands of customer data integration projects.?Direct integration with customers, suppliers or other parties creates efficiencies, eliminates data entry errors, and speeds processes. When it comes to system integration, we are simply the best in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it; according to a 2016 independent industry survey, Expeditors was ranked #1 in Data Integration.

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